Schumer and Democrats face filibuster wall in June

Schumer and Democrats face filibuster wall in June

Beginning next week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will face a wave of Republican filibusters as well as divisions within his own party that threaten to tank the Democratic agenda.

Schumer warned party lawmakers in a memo sent to them last month that the month of June would be “extremely challenging” and “will test our resolve as a Congress and a conference.”

Schumer wasn’t exaggerating.

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Democrats face not only the 60-vote hurdle that will allow Republicans to block most bills, but they are also grappling with internal divisions that could stop Democratic lawmakers from ridding the Senate of the filibuster or otherwise circumventing GOP opposition on key legislation, including a significant election reform bill and a major infrastructure measure.

Democrats face a filibuster as early as next week, when Schumer said he plans to call up the House-passed Paycheck Fairness Act.

While Democrats believe the legislation is necessary to ensure pay equity,

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