School Reopenings Are Political, But They Shouldn’t Be

School Reopenings Are Political, But They Shouldn’t Be

Parents around the country are growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that many of their children have not received in-person schooling for almost a full year.

This growing opposition, as recorded by Pew Research, is largely due to the difficulties and dangers that come with remote learning and concerns about children’s mental health and educational growth. While countries such as Europe ensured that schools were serving with students’ best mental, physical, and social interests in mind, allowing classroom learning during COVID-19 lockdowns and prioritizing a swift and safe return for as many educators and students as possible, cities and states led by Democratic politicians are failing to deliver the same options to American children and working families.

Teachers unions, which are primarily supported by leftists, progressive activists, and Democratic politicians, are also stifling the return of students, ignoring the mitigation strategies such as masking, physical distance, and even limited classrooms to demand virtual learning for an indefinite period of

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