Scalise on Socialism: 'We're Going to Fight It Tooth and Nail'

Scalise on Socialism: 'We're Going to Fight It Tooth and Nail'

In a Friday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” House minority whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) sounded off on the split in the Democratic Party over the far-left lurch towards socialism within the party.

Scalise, noting that Americans continue to reject socialism at the ballot box, said House Republicans intend to “fight” a socialist agenda “tooth and nail.”

“If you look at where these members are, they’re not moderates anymore,” Scalise argued. “They’re liberals versus the socialists on the Democrat side. And frankly, the liberals were voting for the socialist agenda the last two years. Everything from the Green New Deal, to Medicare for All, to defunding the police and raising taxes — they voted for it. The voters rejected them, and now they’re yelling about it. You know, if they just voted with us and worked with us on a lot of things, they would not have had

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