Say Hello to the Singularity

Say Hello to the Singularity

The current blockchain world is so full of crazy ups and downs, it’s easy to become so focused on the short-term that one loses track of the big picture. But it’s important to fight this tendency – because the big picture is awfully big. 

Revolutionizing finance, the aspect of blockchain’s future that gets the most attention, is only a part of the story. Blockchain will be a central part of the future of technology and humanity in a very broad sense. 

As we move toward what Ray Kurzweil has called the “technological singularity,” in which AIs exceed humans in general intelligence and radically alter every aspect of life on Earth, it is increasingly clear that blockchain will be a critical part of the story. And just as the singularity may unfold with various levels of benefit or destruction, so the role of blockchain may come out positive or negative for humanity.

This article is a part of the Internet 2030 series, a look at the future of the internet and our digital lives.

It is clear to any rational observer that our current social order – with its rapid growth, exaltation of self-disruption and rampant environmental unsustainability –  is transitional and highly temporary in nature. But it’s hard to say what will come next! At least three options seem reasonably plausible to me: Corporate Techno-Fascism, Decentralized-Digital-Democracy (DDD) and … Human-Free.

Will we see a dark future of corporate-totalitarian hegemony, a democratic, decentralized future of

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