Save Over 70% On This Portable Projector That Will Upgrade Your Movie Nights

Save Over 70% On This Portable Projector That Will Upgrade Your Movie Nights

It’s been a long time since you sat your butt down in a movie theater. And while you may miss the smell of popcorn and the overpriced tickets (okay, maybe not that part), there’s a gadget, small enough to fit in your pocket, that can make watching movies at home just as thrilling.

Say hello to the Lenso Space Pocket Size Projector! While its size may make you think otherwise, this handheld device can turn your at-home movie nights into full-fledged productions thanks to its high-quality picture, connectivity, wireless capabilities, and more. In other words, it lets you watch movies, shows, and online content from literally anywhere.

Unlike other projectors out there, this little wonder lets you watch your favorite movies or TV-shows in crystal clear 4K and 1080P resolution on projections that can be as big as 120 inches across! And thanks to its 200 ANSI Lumen bulb, you’ll be able to see everything, whether you’re watching it outside or indoors. It even has built-in Hi-Fi speakers so you never have to worry about plugging it into any of your other devices for sound.

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Whether you’re streaming content or watching downloaded videos, the Lenso projector

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