Save Over 35% On This Pen Featuring A Bolt Action Mechanism

Save Over 35% On This Pen Featuring A Bolt Action Mechanism

When stocking up on office supplies, the last thing you want to do is drop a bunch of cash on cheap, plastic pens — especially when half the pack can’t even write that well. Instead of wasting more money on office supplies like throwaway pens, why not invest in one high-quality pen that writes beautifully every single time you use it?

Inspired by the bolt action mechanism found in rifles, this pen by PenFire advances and retracts the ink cartridge, locking the ink refill in place. And just like a dependable rifle, the pen’s inner workings are completely in sync, like a well-oiled machine that you can always depend on. And when this familiar mechanism is applied to a pen, you can always expect an incredibly effortless release, making writing as smooth and pleasurable as ever.

And while this PenFire wonder makes for a fantastic addition to your desk, it’s ideal for using on-the-go. That’s because it boasts a signature rifle sight pocket clip, perfect for easy carrying, and a durable, sleek aluminum finish. Whether you put it in your shirt pocket or your notebook, this pen is always accessible and fun to use.

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