Satire: Ten Disney Characters Who Should Be Canceled

Satire: Ten Disney Characters Who Should Be Canceled

In recent years, it’s become clear that Disney is going woke. The most obvious example came just a few weeks ago when Gina Carano — former MMA fighter and actress on the hit Disney+ hit show, The Mandalorian — was fired for sharing a screenshot of a post which compared the political and cultural atmosphere in the United States to that of Nazi Germany.

Many pointed out the clear hypocrisy of Disney’s decision to axe Carano, with particular focus on the many other Disney employees who have made similar — or worse — statements and never fell under the spotlight of cancel culture.

There is another layer to Disney’s hypocrisy, though, demonstrated by their continued promotion of beloved characters who — by their own absurd standards — would be immediately subject to cancelation. Here are ten Disney characters who could never survive in our new woke culture by Disney’s own “standards.”

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Just days after firing Gina Carano, Disney

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