San Francisco woman beaten at gunpoint has puppy stolen

San Francisco woman beaten at gunpoint has puppy stolen

A San Francisco woman says she was violently attacked then robbed at gunpoint of her new puppy.

Sarah Vorhaus, 30, said she had been walking her 5-month-old gray French bulldog, Chloe, and her 8-year-old Shiba Inu when she was assaulted by a man at gunpoint, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“I would have given him so many other things, but not Chloe,” Vorhaus told the outlet.

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She said she had leaned down to clean up after Chloe Tuesday evening in the Russian Hill neighborhood when the man wearing a hoodie came up from behind and said, “Give me your dog.”

“I just started screaming. I didn’t know what else to do, I screamed as loud as I could,” Vorhaus told news station KRON.

Vorhaus said the man brandished his weapon before punching her in the face two times and snatching Chloe.

Police believe the man took off with two other men, who had been waiting outside a sedan, and

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