San Diego Bishop Defends Voting for Pro-Abortion Politicians

San Diego Bishop Defends Voting for Pro-Abortion Politicians

Public support for abortion does not make a politician a bad Catholic, argued the progressive bishop of San Diego, Robert McElroy, in an online address this week.

“I feel compelled to address one very sad dimension of the election cycle we are witnessing — the public denial of candidates’ identity as Catholics because of a specific policy position they have taken,” Bishop McElroy said in an Oct. 13 Zoom address titled “Voting in Faith, Rebuilding in Hope.”

“Such denials are injurious because they reduce Catholic social teaching to a single issue,” the bishop continued, in clear reference to Joe Biden. “But they are offensive because they constitute an assault on the meaning of what it is to be Catholic.”

“In the end, it is the candidate who is on the ballot, not a specific issue,” he stated. “The faith-filled voter is asked to make the complex judgment: Which candidate will

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