Salon: ‘Where is the Truth Committee’ Against Donald Trump, 'Regime' Members?

Salon: ‘Where is the Truth Committee’ Against Donald Trump, 'Regime' Members?

A recent Salon article calls for a “truth committee” and “trials” for former Trump administration members and its “enablers” while expressing bewilderment at the fact that former President Donald Trump and “members of his regime” have yet to be “prosecuted and tried for crimes against humanity.”

The essay, published Thursday and titled “Trumpers on the rehab trail: Does America just want to forget this happened?” begins with Salon politics staff writer Chauncey DeVega stating “nothing good emerged from Donald Trump’s regime” while accusing it of “authoritarianism, white supremacy, neofascism, and anti-human ideology.” 

“Destruction and political sadism were its instruments and its goals,” DeVega continues. “It was also massively corrupt, a carnival of greed, corruption, self-dealing, and fraud.”

DeVega also accuses the Trump administration of executing a “coordinated campaign of terror” which “put nonwhite immigrants and migrants in concentration camps where women and girls were sexually abused,” with some

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