Russia’s largest bank joins blockchain trade finance platform

Russia’s largest bank joins blockchain trade finance platform

A subsidiary of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has joined a blockchain-based platform for commodity trade finance.

Sberbank Switzerland AG has signed an agreement with Swiss trade finance platform Komgo to apply its blockchain-powered trade finance service.

Representatives from Sberbank Switzerland AG told Cointelegraph that the collaboration with Komgo addresses the growing digitization of trade finance.

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Evgeny Kravchenko, head of trade finance at Sberbank, outlined that commodity trade finance is a strategic business of Sberbank Switzerland AG. According to the executive, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States’ countries are the company’s key markets, while Sberbank Switzerland AG also supports trade flows globally.

“In recent years, trade finance digitalization has accelerated dramatically, following the needs of market players,” Kravchenko said, adding that Komgo’s trade finance will further expand the efficiency of Sberbank’s operations.

As previously reported, Komgo is a decentralized trade financing startup that is developing a commodity trade finance platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. One of its purposes

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