‘Russian Collusion Hoax’ Exposed In New ‘Obamagate’ Movie On Comey’s FBI

‘Russian Collusion Hoax’ Exposed In New ‘Obamagate’ Movie On Comey’s FBI

The producer of the pro-life film “Gosnell” is raising funds for another project; this time tackling the “Russian Collusion Hoax” that has entangled the FBI and top intelligence and national security officials for years, according to a Thursday press release for the project.

Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer, who is a contributor to The Daily Wire, plans to release the movie “Obamagate” in early October.

The film project, which is being crowdfunded, will focus on the FBI under former director James Comey, as well as key players in ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion such as former FBI special agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The October release was picked to counter the narratives of Showtime’s “big budget, pro-Comey mini-series called ‘The Comey Rule’” and Strozk’s upcoming, “self-aggrandising memoir.”

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“Showtime has created ‘The Comey Rule’ which is based on a political fairytale and a conspiracy theory that is told by the left in

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