Russia Collusion Hoax Just Got Deep-Sixed Again By Don McGahn

Russia Collusion Hoax Just Got Deep-Sixed Again By Don McGahn

After waiting two years to interview former White House Counsel Don McGahn, the Democrats once again found no evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. The transcript of the interview, totaling 241 pages, was made public Wednesday, and confirmed what Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation had already found: that there was no wrongdoing by President Trump. 

When asked if he had witnessed any wrongdoing, McGahn testified, “No. Whatever ‘collusion’ means, I don’t think I witnessed anything that could be remotely construed as collusion.” When asked again if he had seen any evidence of collusion with the Russians, McGahn firmly answered, “No.”

McGhan also testified he had not witnessed any violation of the law during his time at the White House. When asked if President Trump had done anything that would be “a violation of the obstruction statute,” McGhan once again reassured the committee he did not.

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McGhan further testified that he had been instructed by President Trump to

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