Russia Calls U.S. Election Process ‘Archaic,’ ‘Prone to Violations’

Russia Calls U.S. Election Process ‘Archaic,’ ‘Prone to Violations’

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday claimed the riot on Capitol Hill shows “the U.S. electoral process is archaic, does not meet modern standards, and is prone to violations.”

The full statement from Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was a brief but broad indictment of the entire American political system, including the media:

The events in Washington are the internal affair of the United States. At the same time, we are again highlighting the fact that the electoral system in the United States is archaic and does not meet modern democratic standards; it offers opportunities for many violations, and the American media have become an instrument of political infighting. This is largely the reason for the split in US society we are witnessing now.

We hope for the friendly American people to go through this dramatic moment in their history with dignity.

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The Moscow Times offered a roundup

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