Russia Adds Alleged Coronavirus-Smelling Dogs to Pandemic Fight

Russia Adds Alleged Coronavirus-Smelling Dogs to Pandemic Fight

Authorities in Russia are recruiting rare dogs they claim can smell individuals infected with the Chinese coronavirus, the Moscow Times revealed in a report Monday.

The report detailed how trainers are currently putting a breed known as Shalaikas (a mix between Arctic Nenets herding dogs known as Laikas and Southern Turkmen golden jackals), through their paces in a warehouse outside Moscow’s main Sheremetyevo Airport.

“This is in many ways the perfect scent dog,” Yelena Batayeva, head of Aeroflot’s dog training service, told the English-language newspaper. “They have a highly unusual mix of Arctic and Southern blood. This gives them the unique skill of being able to pick up smells prevalent in both heavy warm air and light cold air particles that other dogs we have worked with couldn’t.”

Batayeva explained that such canines have previously been used to detect other serious illnesses, including cancer, thus potentially providing an “interesting solution” when it comes

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