Rudy Giuliani: NYC Lawmakers Are “Committing Murder”

Rudy Giuliani: NYC Lawmakers Are “Committing Murder”

Could this be a terrible move for New York City?

I am from New York City and I can tell you one thing: NYC is an extremely wild place.

Anything and everything happens there, and maybe it will not pay to restrict police action there. Do some laws need to change? Absolutely. Do officers need to second guess every little thing? Nope!

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Having to do a job where so many things are already on the line is hard. Having to do that job while walking on eggshells is even worse.

Sometimes we need to make split second decisions. We are all human, and the last thing we need is to have to go through a mental checklist during a split second moment.

Here is more on the story:

NYC Ends Qualified Immunity for Police via @YouTube

— Egz (@Enrvgz) April 1, 2021

So they end qualified immunity for police

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