Roger Ver’s next life: Cryonics meets crypto

Roger Ver’s next life: Cryonics meets crypto

Toward the end of our hour-long interview, founder Roger Ver drops a bombshell: He had considered killing himself to escape a jail sentence at the age of 23. Even for the most freedom-loving libertarian, this seems extreme. But Ver had worked out a way to escape his own death by having himself cryonically preserved, to be revived at a later date.

At 20 years old, Ver had already signed up with Arizona life extension company Alcor to be frozen after death, long before he was handed a 10-month prison stretch in 2002 for selling firecrackers on eBay.

“It’ll freeze your body in a big giant vat of liquid nitrogen when you die, in the hopes that future medical technology will be able to fix whatever it is that caused you to die in the first place — plus the damage caused by freezing,” he explains:

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“And so in fact, I even considered — suicide isn’t the right word — but

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