Rob Reiner: Trump Is 'Jefferson Davis' in this 'Modern-Day Civil War'

Rob Reiner: Trump Is 'Jefferson Davis' in this 'Modern-Day Civil War'

Actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner called President Donald Trump “Jefferson Davis,” the president of the Confederate States, Sunday on MSNBC.

Reiner said, “Well, this election is going to come down to six or eight states, as you know, Wisconsin being one of them — key battleground state, and we have to win it. We lost it last time, and we have to win it this time. You know, Jonathan, you were talking earlier, and you’ve been talking throughout the show about this is a fight for democracy versus white supremacy. You’ve been saying this over and over. And that’s true. I believe that is 100% true. The problem we have now is that when we had this Civil War back in the 1860s, we had Abraham Lincoln in the White House. Now we’ve got Jefferson Davis in the White House, and so it’s very scary the idea that we are

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