RIP, KimYe

RIP, KimYe

“This is your life.

Married with four kids.

Get people out of jail.

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Cover of Vogue.

Go to church every week with your family.

Dreams come true.”

This was a text message Kayne West sent to his wife Kim Kardashian West in 2019. Sadly, for America’s favorite couple, part of that “dream come true” is over.

After seven years, four kids, a bipolar disorder diagnosis, and one failed presidential run, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye on Friday. And while both parties seem to be making efforts to keep the split as amicable as possible, seeking joint custody and co-parenting of their kids, the end of KimYe is a tragic one.

Haters will say the iconic couple was just another drop in the bucket of fake celebrity marriages, doomed from the beginning, but while much of Kim’s life is very fake, her love for Kanye is not.

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