RIP Big Pharma: Study Shows COVID Immunity Is Long-Lasting

RIP Big Pharma: Study Shows COVID Immunity Is Long-Lasting

People who recovered from COVID-19 are likely to have “robust” and “long-lasting” immunity that lasts for years, a new study suggests.

According to research published in “Science,” people who recovered from COVID-19 have a very low risk of reinfection for at least five to eight months following contraction of the virus due to extremely high levels of immunity memory — but now it appears immunity lasts longer.

“There was a lot of concern originally that this virus might not induce much memory,” Shane Crotty, a researcher and a co-author of the paper, noted. “Instead, the immune memory looks quite good.”

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After studying the blood samples from approximately 185 people who had previously contracted and recovered from COVID-19, researchers found that contrary to popular belief, 95 percent of participants’ antibodies and T-cell numbers only declined moderately after eight months following the original infection, resulting in longer-lasting immunity. Researchers also found that B-cell numbers, another component of maintaining immunity, remained fairly

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