Ricky Gervais Jokes ‘The Office’ Would Be Canceled Today

Ricky Gervais Jokes ‘The Office’ Would Be Canceled Today

In a new interview with the BBC about the 20th anniversary of the sitcom “The Office,” Ricky Gervais joked that he isn’t sure the show could survive now.

While American fans associate the comedy most with star Steve Carell, Gervais actually created the show and originally played the British version of paper company boss Michael Scott, a character named David Brent.

Asked about how the show would fare today, Gervais, who has been famously outspoken about cancel culture, joked, “I mean now it would be canceled. I’m looking forward to when they pick out one thing and try to cancel it. Someone said they might try to cancel it one day, and I say, ‘Good, let them cancel it. I’ve been paid!’”

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A number of outlets reported the remark as a straightforward observation, prompting the comedian to take to Twitter to correct the record. “Just to be clear, I did not say ‘The Office’ would be canceled if it were made today.

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