Rick Monday's 'Greatest Play In Baseball' 45th Anniversary

Rick Monday's 'Greatest Play In Baseball' 45th Anniversary

Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the “greatest play in baseball” by former Chicago Cubs center fielder and Marine veteran Rick Monday.

During the fourth inning of an April 25, 1976 game in which the Los Angles Dodgers hosted the Chicago Cubs, Monday famously ran across the field to surprise two fans by grabbing the American flag they were attempting to burn.

Moments before Monday grabbed the flag, two fans trespassed on the field and doused the flag with lighter fluid, and attempted to used matches to set the flag on fire. Monday has famously said he saw an opportunity to grab the flag after seeing the first match they used failed to work.

The legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully famously said, “It looks like he’s gonna burn a flag!”

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Proceeding to say, “Rick Monday runs and takes it away from him. … I think somebody was going to

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