Revving up for Trump

Revving up for Trump

There’s something about President Trump that appeals to people who also enjoy small-motor-based recreation — bikers and boaters in particular.

While visiting family over Labor Day weekend at the border of North and South Carolina, I watched dozens of boaters motor up and down Lake Wylie proudly displaying their red, white, and blue flags declaring, “Make America Great Again,” “Keep America Great,” or “Trump 2020.” Over the course of three days on the water, I saw just two flags with Joe Biden’s name. I wondered to myself how many middle fingers the driver receives on any given day.

This isn’t just a Southern thing. WKBW in Buffalo, New York, reported that same weekend that “hundreds of motorcycles and hundreds of boats all gathered to support President Donald Trump.” Again, it’s that same overlap of interests: small internal combustion engines and Trump’s reelection.

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There were similar displays in Texas, Washington, D.C., and Georgia. The boat parade phenomenon has

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