REVIEW: ‘Run Hide Fight’ Packs Gritty Action Without Woke Theatrics

REVIEW: ‘Run Hide Fight’ Packs Gritty Action Without Woke Theatrics

The gritty actioner follows a teen who, caught in the middle of a school shooting, does the unthinkable.

She fights back.

The very premise sent film scribes into full pearl-clutching mode. In a way, that’s understandable. School shootings are part of our nightmarish “new normal.” Should they be exploited for entertainment? Here’s a better question? Two, actually.

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Why should select topics be off the table for artists? Is there only one way to tackle sensitive material?

“Run Hide Fight” isn’t making any grand statements, and it walks a very thin exploitative tightrope. It’s also rigorously engaging, with a strong lead performance and a script which teases out bigger questions without getting on a soapbox.

Isabel May shines as Zoe Hull, a sullen teen processing the recent loss of her mother (Radha Mitchell, “Rogue”). Her father (Thomas Jane) has taught her to be self-sufficient, witness the the film’s opening scene where she takes down a deer with one shot and finishes

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