Restaurant Removes ‘Racist’ Xi Jinping ‘Bat Man’ Art After Woke Backlash

Restaurant Removes ‘Racist’ Xi Jinping ‘Bat Man’ Art After Woke Backlash

A portrait of Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping cast as ‘BAT MAN’ has been removed from a Swedish restaurant after users on social media complained that the satirical jab at Xi’s role in the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus was racist.

On Saturday, local fashion blogger Bryan Gray Yambao, who goes by ‘Bryanboy’ on social media, visited the Riche restaurant in central Stockholm with a friend of his from Hong Kong. The pair noticed the bat-like portrayal of the Chinese dictator, which adorned Xi Jinping with two pronounced bat ears.

Bryanboy took to Instagram to pronounce that he was “embarrassed and mortified” that he took his Hong Kong Chinese friend to the restaurant, comparing the satirical portrait to the “racist abuse” East Asians have experienced during the pandemic.

“The racism was so distressing!” he said, going on to question: “Am I being a Karen? I hate the idea of being a Karen,

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