Republicans Target Kamala Harris on Campaign Trail

Republicans Target Kamala Harris on Campaign Trail

Vice President Kamala Harris has reportedly been the main target for Republicans hitting the campaign trail as they ramp up for the midterm elections.

Republicans have been attacking Harris, who has generally been left with a lower approval rating than President Joe Biden, even though Biden is still having trouble defining his achievements among voters. Recently, a pro-Biden super PAC released a memo saying voters are overwhelmingly clueless about any of his accomplishments.

However, Harris has been hammered by Republicans countless times and even Democrats on the administration’s handling of the border crisis.

She has even been criticized recently for insulting thousands of rural voters while Democrats spew false claims about the wave of voter integrity legislation that is taking shape across the country. Harris said that it is “almost impossible” for rural voters to “prove who they are” because it is difficult to access copy machines.

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Keith Naughton, a veteran Republican strategist,

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