Republicans, please stop making it all about Trump

Republicans, please stop making it all about Trump

Republicans should have every reason to be satisfied. They won support from voters of every ethnic background as identity politics was comprehensively rejected. Their down-ballot candidates fared well, outperforming President Trump nationally and in key states. The GOP made gains in the House and ought to hold the Senate.

Yet, incredibly, they risk throwing it away. At best, their refusal to accept the presidential election result looks petty and graceless and risks what ought to be two comfortable Senate wins in Georgia. At worst, it undermines the legitimacy of America’s institutions.

Let’s start with Georgia. The GOP ought to be strolling to victory in the two outstanding Senate elections. Georgia’s Democrats won’t be boosted by an exceptional national turnout next time. The election will be about the local candidates, not about Trump. Once the focus swings back to what they stand for, the relative nuttiness of the Dems, one of whom hosted Fidel Castro at a church

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