Republicans Need To Move On From Trump

Republicans Need To Move On From Trump

It is time to move on.

Donald Trump’s utility for conservatives is expiring along with his presidency. The Senate runoffs are done, the stunts objecting to the electoral results have come to nothing, and it is time for those who supported the soon-to-be former-President Trump for reasons of policy, not personality, to bid him farewell.

For those whose support for Trump was transactional, this is an easy decision, like replacing a broken tool. We got on the Trump train at different times and for different reasons — judges, tax cuts, a chance to shake up the Republican Party, the Democrats being awful — but it’s time to exit.

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He was a means to an end, and we do not need to stick with him when he can no longer serve our ends. Those who wanted Trump to, say, appoint Federalist Society judges and disrupt Zombie Reaganism should take our wins and cash out.

A prudential deal to support Trump

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