Republicans in Congress warn against politicizing impeachment

Republicans in Congress warn against politicizing impeachment

Several Republicans in Congress on Wednesday urged Democrats to practice restraint in their pursuit of impeaching President Trump, warning against politicizing the procedure.

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) delivered an impassioned speech defending the president, saying he shouldn’t be impeached over last week’s storming of the Capitol by his supporters.

McClintock said he “didn’t like” Trump’s public address before the deadly siege but called it “freedom of speech” and “politics.”

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“If we impeached every politician who gave a fiery speech to a bunch of partisans, this chamber would be empty,” he said.

McClintock said the rioters were being held “accountable for their actions” and accused Democrats of ramming through their impeachment effort with “no hearing” and “no due process.”

He also said that Democrats’ having won control of the White House and both chambers of Congress “calls for magnanimity” on their part, adding that “only in a banana republic does it call for vindictiveness.”

“I cannot think of a more

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