Republicans frustrated by Trump reversals on relief spending

Republicans frustrated by Trump reversals on relief spending

Some congressional Republicans are frustrated by President Trump’s recent flip-flopping on pandemic relief, saying it could hurt the chances for a deal with Democrats.

Trump said on Friday that he’s in support of an even bigger coronavirus relief package than what Democrats are offering, reversing his position from a few days earlier.

The president said he’s going “the exact opposite now” of his position on Tuesday, when he abruptly said that he was pulling out of negotiations. He accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday of failing to negotiate “in good faith.”

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“The flip-flopping from Trump on the stimulus has been really frustrating,” said a House Republican aide.

“A lot of us have been annoyed by it and don’t know what will happen next,” the aide said.

The aide added that although most Republicans support Trump in taking a hard line against Democratic negotiating tactics, the confusion coming out of the White House regarding the end goals was

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