Republican Governors Refuse To Go Along With Biden Lockdown

Republican Governors Refuse To Go Along With Biden Lockdown

With the full-court press being made to install Joe Biden into the White House, resistance is already building to his imminent declaration of a national lockdown if he assumes the presidency. 

Like other authoritarian Democrats, good old Joe from Scranton has been salivating over the possibilities for the exercise of raw power using COVID hysteria as a pretense and in addition to forced mask mandates, Biden is also keen on imposing a second round of crushing lockdowns on a beleaguered public.


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One of Biden’s top aides who was just named to his coronavirus task force has already made it clear that a 4-6 week period of mandatory house arrest, closed businesses, and shuttered houses of worship is on the agenda if and when he takes office and there is no reason that Dr. Michael Osterholm should not be taken at his word. 

But there is going

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