Republican 'Commitment to America' abandons spending restraint

Republican 'Commitment to America' abandons spending restraint

In their last push to try to retake the majority, House Republicans on Tuesday laid out the agenda they’d pursue were they to win. It follows a tradition for the minority party that dates back to the “Contract With America,” which played a key role in the GOP’s takeover of Congress in 1994.

“Americans are fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared in front of the Capitol steps. “Instead of empty rhetoric, they deserve results. This is why we are announcing a ‘Commitment to America.’”

But this “Commitment” departs from the “Contract” (and the 2010 “Pledge to America”) in many important ways. It has less substance, does not call for any fundamental changes to Washington, and most importantly, abandons any semblance of fiscal responsibility.

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In 1994, Republicans promised an “end of government that is too big, too intrusive, and too easy with the public’s money.” The first

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