Reports: Joe Biden's Open-Border Disaster Has Killed Hundreds of Migrants

Reports: Joe Biden's Open-Border Disaster Has Killed Hundreds of Migrants

At least 50, and perhaps 200, migrants have died in the Panama jungle while trying to reach President Joe Biden’s dangled offer of jobs in the United States, according to press reports.

“Everyone in the Biden administration and in the advocacy groups, and the NGOs that participate in this, should be ashamed of what is happening.,” Jessica Vaughan, the policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said. She continued:

Biden’s policy is so wrong, not only in the sense of the law, but morally wrong, because his policies are motivating people across the globe to turn over their life savings and put themselves and their children in the hands of a criminal smuggling organization, to take a very dangerous track through jungles, over danger dangerous bodies of water, breaking the laws of multiple countries on the way, putting themselves at risk for extortion, assault, and many other forms of harm.

The Associated Press reported on October 4:

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On a recent afternoon, white-suited workers laid to rest 15 sets of remains in a long trench at the back of the cemetery. A local priest standing at the head of the trench with a candle, crucifix and flowers performed a simple ceremony. On the white body bags were handwritten clues: “Unknown in Bajo Grande,” “Unknown in Turquesa river,” and “Unknown #3, Minor.”

So far this year, Panama has recovered at least 50 sets of remains from migrants crossing the Darien Gap, a number officials believe is only a portion of those who died in the dense, lawless jungle. In recent years, 20 to 30 bodies on average have been recovered annually, but this year Panamanian authorities say more than 90,000 migrants — mostly Haitians — have crossed the Darien Gap from Colombia and the body count reflects that surging migration.

“That number is a minimum quantity of the human remains there are along the whole route,” said José Vicente Pachar, director of Panama’s Forensic Sciences Institute. “Many of them die of natural causes, for example, a heart attack; they fall and no one attends to them. They stay there or they’re assaulted or the water’s current comes and takes the bodies that end up floating along the river’s edge.” Snake bites are also common.

“Migrants have been buried in at least a half-dozen other communities in Darien,” the AP reported.

The AP article got minimal exposure in the U.S. media

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