REPORT: Wisconsin Police Detain, Arrest, Assault 4 Journalists

REPORT: Wisconsin Police Detain, Arrest, Assault 4 Journalists

Four journalists covering the protests and riots in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Thursday night say that police violently detained and/or arrested them. The incident occurred in close proximity to the arrest and injury of Tracy Cole, the mother of the Wisconsin teen shot by police that led to protests, riots, and looting in the suburban-Milwaukee community.

“Tonight I was brutalized by police in Wisconsin,” independent video journalist Brendan Gutenschwager tweeted Friday. “This is me being dragged out of a vehicle and slammed to the pavement. Pleaded with officers that I am here as press, never even given a chance to cooperate before they escalated to this. I am in shock.”

WISN reporter Caroline Reinwald captured the incident on video. In her tweet, she misidentified the arrest as being carried out by National Guardsmen. She later corrected this and said the incident did not involve the National Guard.

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