Report: White House Changes Messaging Strategy on 'Infrastructure'

Report: White House Changes Messaging Strategy on 'Infrastructure'

The White House is looking to shift its messaging on so-called “infrastructure,” again, according to a report.

After the White House spent months trying to get the partisan “infrastructure” wish list in order with a “dual-track approach,” President Joe Biden is trying to, again, use the umbrella of his “Build Back Better” campaign, Politico reports.

Biden is using his “Build Back Better” as an effort to rope in Democrats who are raising some concerns on the “myriad” proposals on the Democrats’ “infrastructure” wish list since the proposals have reportedly become too confusing for supporters.

Last month, a pro-Biden super PAC, Unite the Country, released a memo saying Biden voters across the country are overwhelmingly clueless about any of his accomplishments, which some supporters and Democrat leaders have long worried about having an effect on Democrats in the midterms and possibly 2024.

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Concerns have been raised to the administration in various emails and meetings,

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