Report: Trump Will Take On Big Tech In Final Days In Office

Report: Trump Will Take On Big Tech In Final Days In Office

The Trump administration is poised to take on “Big Tech” in its final days in power, according to a “White House advisor” who spoke to media on Sunday, per CNN.

The president is looking to use “his permanent suspension from Twitter as an opportunity to shift the narrative away from the insurrection on Capitol Hill earlier in the week,” and refocus attention on censorship of conservative ideas and conservative commentators on major social media platforms.

President Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were suspended late last week, and over the weekend, other social media platforms, like Pinterest and Shopify, pledged to purge the president’s accounts from their platforms as well. On Saturday, Amazon announced that it would remove the Twitter alternative network, Parler, from its web services over concerns the platform was being used to plot further attacks on government buildings in Washington, D.C.

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In each case, the platforms used “incitement” as an excuse, removing the accounts over concerns

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