Report: Polar Vortex Split May Mean Much Harsher Winter

Report: Polar Vortex Split May Mean Much Harsher Winter

A new report warns that a weather phenomenon high up above the earth could cause severe winter weather in Europe and North America.

The polar vortex is splitting in two, a development which “may lead to weeks of wild winter weather,” The Washington Post explained in a report published Tuesday.

“A dramatic spike in temperatures is occurring at high altitudes above the North Pole, where the air is thin and typically frigid,” said the Post. “Known as a sudden stratospheric warming event, experts say it’s likely to have potentially significant repercussions for winter weather across the Northern Hemisphere for weeks to possibly months.”

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“This unusually strong event may have profound influences on the weather in the United States and Europe, possibly increasing the potential for paralyzing snowstorms and punishing blasts of Arctic air, with the odds of the most severe cold outbreaks highest in Northern Europe,” the Post continued.

Although the sudden stratospheric warming event occurs roughly 18 miles over the surface

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