Report: Netflix Sees Massive Spike in Cancellations Amid ‘Cuties’ Backlash

Report: Netflix Sees Massive Spike in Cancellations Amid ‘Cuties’ Backlash

Netflix subscription cancelations in the United States surged last weekend as the streaming service faced backlash over “Cuties” and the film’s sexualization of young children, according to data compiled by research company YipitData.

The data shows Netflix U.S. subscriber churn rates — a metric that measures how customers drop subscription services — began to rise on Sept. 10, the day after the film’s release on Netflix when “#CancelNetflix” was trending on Twitter, Variety reported.

On Saturday, Sept. 12, Netflix’s cancelation rate reached a multiyear high and jumped nearly eight times higher than the average daily levels recorded in August.

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YipitiData told Variety that it is possible for the churn rate to continue to rise in the coming days with the “#CancelNetflix” hashtag still trending.

The impact the elevated churn rate will have on Netflix’s overall subscribers is unclear at this time.

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