Report: First Senior Cuban Government Official Resigns over Protests

Report: First Senior Cuban Government Official Resigns over Protests

The vice minister of Cuba’s interior ministry resigned after allegedly questioning the ministry’s security response to anti-government protests across the Communist-ruled island starting Sunday, Spain’s ABC newspaper reported on Wednesday.

ABC reported on July 14, citing sources close to Cuba’s communist ruling regime:

The Vice Minister of the Interior of Cuba, Brigadier General Jesús Manuel burón Tabit, has resigned after questioning decision-making within the ministry and the Security Council, as well as the excessive use of police force to repress the demonstrations of 11 July.

“His departure is motivated by disagreements with other commanders [and] differences with respect to the measures taken during the protests last weekend,” according to the Spanish newspaper.

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“There is trouble within the [Cuban] Army and differences between the military of the old guard and young generals,” ABC‘s Cuban government sources said Wednesday.

A member of Cuba’s communist old guard, Cuban Council of State Vice President

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