Report: Coronavirus Rules Are Stifling Free Speech On Campus

Report: Coronavirus Rules Are Stifling Free Speech On Campus

A new report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education found that universities are stifling free speech under the guise of coronavirus restrictions. 

In the past year, FIRE, a legal organization that works with students and faculty who believe their rights are being stymied by universities, has received an outsized amount of requests for help. The organization claims that a large part of the spike was due to universities’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“COVID-19’s consequences for education have not been limited to location, access, or in the University ‘s California, Berkeley’s case, temporary bans on outdoor exercise,” FIRE said in a statement. “On campuses across the country, speech and due process rights have been challenged, too, as administrators struggle to respond to the pandemic.” 

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FIRE said that it was fearful of punitive action from COVID-19 policies back in September 2020. The group warned universities to create COVID restrictions that are temporary and tied directly to the threat

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