REPORT: Biden To Abandon Trump’s ‘Legal’ Immigration Wall

REPORT: Biden To Abandon Trump’s ‘Legal’ Immigration Wall

One of the key components to the legal barriers President Trump has put in place is bilateral agreements that were reached with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. 

These agreements allowed the United States to send migrants back to these respective countries if their asylum was initially denied.

Among other moves that Biden is expected to make, these agreements are being targeted to get shredded as soon as Biden gets into office. 

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Tear Them Up

CBS was among the first major outlets to report that Biden officials will be making some big changes in regard to the immigrant policies of this country. 

The report stated, “A source familiar with the Biden team’s planning said the incoming administration will withdraw from the three bilateral agreements Mr. Trump brokered with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that allow the U.S. to send rejected asylum-seekers to those countries and have them seek refuge there.”

It Gets Worse

This is only one change that Biden

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