Report: Another 300,000 Venezuelans Flee Country During Pandemic

Report: Another 300,000 Venezuelans Flee Country During Pandemic

A further 300,000 Venezuelans have fled the crisis-stricken socialist country during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic despite widespread restrictions on movement and travel, according to a report from the Human Rights Center of the Andrés Bello Catholic University.

The findings are based on research from the organization Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela. The group has documented 5.5 million cases of people fleeing the country amid its economic and humanitarian crisis, up from just over five million before the pandemic started.

“ATTENTION: The latest findings from the Refugees for Venezuela platform found that the number of Venezuelans who have fled the country has reached 5.5 million, meaning almost 300,000 people have left the country during the pandemic and the closure of borders,” the university said in a Twitter announcement.

Los últimos registros de la Plataforma R4V indican que la cantidad de venezolanos que han huido del país alcanzó los 5,5 millones,

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