‘Reparations For Black America Already Happened,’ Black Scholar Tells Don Lemon

‘Reparations For Black America Already Happened,’ Black Scholar Tells Don Lemon

Current discussions about “systemic racism” and “equity” ignore the fact that U.S. taxpayers already financed several multi-trillion-dollar programs of reparations beginning more than 50 years ago, an expert on civil rights told Don Lemon on Tuesday night.

The bill for “slavery and Jim Crow” has already been paid, Columbia University English Professor John McWhorter told Lemon, a hardcore believer in “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” But that continuing payment makes up a part of U.S. social history “that we’re beginning to forget.”

CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” covered President Joe Biden’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre Tuesday night, noting that the Biden administration refused to answer whether it supports reparations for its survivors.

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Lemon put that question to his guest, who said identifiable survivors and their families should receive funding.

McWhorter, who describes himself as a “cranky liberal,” said that “making up for slavery and Jim Crow,” and the practice of redlining, is “a great thing.”

But he added, “I’m a little

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