Rep. Meadows: There Was a Cover-up At The FIB, Crimes Were Committed and People Need To Go To Jail!


Oh wow!

I can’t believe I missed this interview when it happened two days ago, but I have to show it to you now.

Rep. Mark Meadows went on Sunday Morning Futures and dropped a lot of bombshells.  

In no particular order, he said that people are demanding justice and if people (Democrats) don’t go to jail, then we won’t have justice.

He said based on everything he’s seen, there was a coverup at the FBI.

He said he believes indictments are coming.

He said the IG Report from Michael Horowitz is delayed, but that’s only because new information was just presented to him.

Wow, wow, wow!  

Folks, I am constantly reminding you to please be patient!

So much is happening behind the scenes, you have to keep the faith!

And Mark Meadows would surely know!

From Real Clear Politics:

Rep. Mark Meadows, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, told FNC’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday

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