Rep. Chip Roy Floats Criminal Investigation into Fauci

Rep. Chip Roy Floats Criminal Investigation into Fauci

Appearing Friday on The Todd Starnes Show, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) hinted that Republicans could launch a review of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus, including a possible criminal investigation.

“We have literally wrecked the greatest economy in the history of the world because Anthony Fauci wanted to be on the cover of magazines”

WATCH: Rep. Roy discusses efforts to #FireFauci with @ToddStarnes

— Rep. Chip Roy Press Office (@RepChipRoy) June 4, 2021

A transcript is as follows:

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TODD STARNES: You were one of the guys who helped launch the viral hashtag #FireFauci. Congressman, these emails that are coming out, what do you make of these? We talking about criminal behavior here?

REP. CHIP ROY: As a former federal prosecutor, I like to dive into this stuff with that mindset before I make an allegation of criminal activity, but here’s what I would say:

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