Renewed COVID-19 rules draw backlash from skeptical Republican lawmakers

Renewed COVID-19 rules draw backlash from skeptical Republican lawmakers

Restive Republicans across the country are increasingly pushing back on the coronavirus restrictions being imposed — or even just suggested — by Democratic executives as the pandemic grinds on.

In Oregon, state legislators objected vociferously Friday to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown’s new limits on gatherings, bars, gyms, and restaurants as statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations hit a new high of 308 cases, The Oregonian reported.

“We can’t have a second statewide shutdown and expect we’re going to have any type of working economy coming out of this next year,” GOP state Sen. Tim Knopp said.

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Brown’s new 25-person cap on all gatherings, including religious services and family events, drew particular ire. The limits may be enforced by state and local police, with violators subject to fines or arrest, Brown said Friday.

“A bold infringement on the citizens of Oregon’s baseline rights,” proclaimed state Sen. Dallas Heard.

Several state lawmakers are pursuing a lawsuit to halt Brown’s emergency orders because they say

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