Remington buried lawyers with ‘random’ cartoons in Sandy Hook lawsuit

Remington buried lawyers with ‘random’ cartoons in Sandy Hook lawsuit

How despicable.

Remington Arms flooded lawyers representing families of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre with a mass of pretrial data that contained tens of thousands of “random” images — including bizarre cartoons based on the “Despicable Me” franchise, a recent court filing states.

The 18,000 pages of cartoons and 15,000 pages of irrelevant pictures were included in a trove of court-ordered discovery documents the gunmaker turned over to attorneys for nine families affected by the mass shooting.

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It’s the latest development in the seven-year effort by the families of Sandy Hook victims to hold Remington, the maker of the AR-15 rifle that was used in the shooting, accountable.

“Having repeatedly represented to the (families) and this court that it was devoting extensive resources to making what it described as ‘substantial’ document productions … Remington has instead made the plaintiffs wait years to receive cartoon images, gender reveal videos, and duplicate copies of catalogues,” reads a complaint filed by the families’

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