Reboot Of ‘The Weakest Link’ Is The Wrong Show At The Wrong Time

Reboot Of ‘The Weakest Link’ Is The Wrong Show At The Wrong Time

At this point, 2020 seems like the awful Thanksgiving dinner-turned-shouting-match that just won’t stop. On top of a COVID lockdown-induced recession, our culture has become coarser and more vitriolic than ever. Riots and protests have broken out in dozens of cities as both political parties hurl invective at each other.

So, what did NBC decide to return to the airwaves in the middle of this blazing-hot zeitgeist? A remake of an insult-filled show.

It seems sadly ironic that the relaunch of “The Weakest Link” premiered an hour before the first presidential debate. Just as that “contest” featured so many insults, interruptions, and bickering asides as to render it meaningless, so did the show that preceded it exhibit the worst tendencies of our current culture.

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‘Survivor’ Meets Quiz Shows

For the uninitiated or unfamiliar, “The Weakest Link” looks, at first glance, like a traditional quiz show. A team of contestants answers trivia questions, accumulating funds towards a cash prize that

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