Real-world data comes to NFTs as street artists geotag their work

Real-world data comes to NFTs as street artists geotag their work

A Latvian artist going only by the name of Kiwie has announced their intention to release more than a thousand nonfungible tokens that represent real-world street art.

According to a statement from Kiwie, the nonfungible token, or NFT, pieces will allow art connoisseurs to physically own street art without removing the brick wall, sidewalk, or other infrastructure to which it was applied. The NFTs feature 3D renderings of the artist’s “Fat Monster” character spray painted in 1001 real-world locations with corresponding geotags.

“Using NFTs to represent ownership allows to maintain the beauty of the art intact,” said Kiwie. “Blockchain is not just a buzzword here, it legitimately enables something that used to be impossible.”

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Kiwie plans to drop five NFTs for existing street art pieces starting April 13 on the marketplace Rarible. The artist intends to schedule additional drops periodically over the next five years. According to Kiwie’s website, the artist plans to create roughly 5-6 pieces of street art used

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