Raffensperger To Fulton County: You Better “Clean House”

Raffensperger To Fulton County: You Better “Clean House”

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of the whole fraud imploding. Deep state officials, Democrats, Rino’s, and MSM pundits everywhere must be freaking out right now.

Brad Raffensperger was not too keen on rooting out election fraud when it happened. He secretly recorded President Trump, tried to trash his good name, and peddled the awful lie that Georgia’s elections were safe.

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We reported earlier this year that Raffensperger had suddenly changed his tune on election fraud, and it kind of came as a shock to us that he did.

After all, this guy was extremely against entertaining ANY kind of audit, or examination of the results.

Now it seems like he is really getting on board, and has told Fulton County to “clean house”.

This is such a far cry from where he was just a few short months ago, and many are wondering, is Raffensperger making these comments so that he can save himself when the evidence is

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